“A Bridge of Friendship Between China and the World”: a Symposium Held for NJUPT International Students


On  October 20th, 2016, the School of  Overseas Education  organized a symposium entitled “Perceiving Beautiful  China, Building Friendship Bridge”. In the symposium the teachers and international students from Overseas Education thoroughly reviewed President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Cambodia, Bangladesh and his presence in the BRIC Summit, and and held in-depth discussions and exchanges on the subject.  Some teachers and students were invited, including Professor Chen Shangkun, the Vice Dean of the Overseas Education College,  Tang Meiling, the Dean’s Assistant, Lin Qiang, the teaching secretary of the international students, and the representative of teaching staff for international students. Students from Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Russia attended the symposium, which was presided by Wu Shengchen, the international student adviser.

At the beginning of the event, the participating teachers and the representatives of international students watched a video which documented President Xi’s visit to Cambodia, Bangladesh, and the BRIC countries and felt the great significance of the visit.

Then the Professor Chen Shangkun delivered a speech. He began his opening remark by quoting Confucius’ doctrine “We uphold harmony but also welcome differences”, indicating the very importance of diversification of the world we commonly live. He then reviewed the long-standing friendship between China and Bangladesh, and Cambodia, and Russia, and pointed out that President Xi's visit to the world is to convey China's new view of righteousness and interests, i.e., sharing  development opportunities, sharing peace and prosperity . President Xi's visit does not only concern the vital interests and development of people of all nationalities,  but also generates new opportunities for the development and future career of international students.

Then the international students were invited  to express freely their true feelings concerning this visit and report difficulties in their study and in life.

The students spoke enthusiastically of the excitement of President Xi Jinping's visit to their respective countries and meeting the leaders of their country. They thanked China's One Belt, One Road Initiative for its benefits for them and their countries, and expressed how they cherish the opportunity they have been given to study in China.  The representatives of the students also raised some problems concerning their study and life, all of which were responded timely in detail.

The symposium was successfully concluded. In the future, the School of Overseas Education College looks forward to holding symposiums for international students on similar topics on a regular basis, and strive to improve the management level and service quality for international students, hence promoting the education of NJUPT international students to a new level.

A picture for attendees of the symposium

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