NJUPT Holds a Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration for International Students


On the afternoon of September 30, the school held a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration for international students to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival together. Vice President Zhang Zhihua attended the activity, relevant principals, teachers and representatives of overseas students of the Institute of Overseas Education attended the on-site activity together, and overseas students watched the activity synchronously through the webcast.

Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional Chinese festival, which not only carries the feeling of homesickness for children traveling abroad, but also contains the happy meaning of family reunion. “National Day and Mid-Autumn festival 'reunion' this year, the sense of happiness is even stronger”. Vice President Zhang Zhihua welcomes students from the class of 2020 to join the family of NTU, and looks forward to their integration into the university as soon as possible, so that they can learn, enjoy and succeed. He said that international students, like Chinese students, are all from NJUPT. No matter where they are, the hearts of the school, teachers and students are closely linked. The university is utterly concerned about the physical and mental health and learning of students both at home and abroad, and has been paying close attention to the development of the epidemic situation in their home countries. Thank you for your support and active cooperation in the epidemic prevention and control work. I hope that all the students will learn more, live up to their youth, be disseminators of fine culture, and contribute to enhancing people-to-people exchanges and building a community with a shared future for mankind.

The celebration began with the beautiful Chinese classical music. The three students, dressed in Han costumes, recited the ancient poems “Gu Lang Yue Xing”, “Guan Shan Yue” and “Drinking alone under the Moon” to express their feelings for their hometown and relatives. Following the theme of “The Bright Moon”, two international students brought saxophone and electronic organ to play “The Moon represents my Heart”. The music sounds like flowing moonlight, which calmed people down. The mid-Autumn Festival thematic knowledge contest is rich and interesting. Students at home and abroad participated in it together in the links such as “scanning code timed answer”, “fly swatter”, “You draw me guess” and “Chinese characters Contest”. The activity also invited the famous painter and calligrapher Song Baonian to lead the students to feel the charm of China’s intangible cultural heritage—Chinese paper-cut art, and guided the students to cut out the “dove of peace” pattern to express their peace-loving wishes.

Speech by Vice President Zhang Zhihua

Reciting the ancient poem “Drinking Alone under the Moon”

Playing “The Moon Is My Heart”

Display of Paper-cut works

A group photo