NJUPT Ranks 84th in USNews2021 among Chinese Mainland Universities


On October 20, US News released the 2021 World University Rankings and the 2021 World University Discipline Rankings. In the 2021 World University Ranking, 1,500 famous universities from 81 countries/regions are listed in the list, among which 206 universities from China, NJUPT ranks 885 in the world University Ranking 2021 (941 in 2020), and 84 universities from mainland China (85 in 2020).In the world University Discipline ranking of 2021, seven disciplines of NJUPT university are included in the list, among which electronic and electrical engineering ranks the 62nd in the world, nanoscale science and Technology ranks the 103rd, Material science the 203rd, computer science the 261st, engineering the 434th, chemistry the 475th and physics the 640th.

The US News World University Ranking is recognized as one of the four authoritative world university rankings. The main evaluation indicators in 2021 are as follows:12.5% 12.5% of global research reputation, regional research reputation, published by 10%, 2.5% publishing books, academic conferences 2.5%, standardized reference effects by 10%, total 7.5% cited, high-frequency cited literature number (12.5% 10%) before the most cited literature, high-frequency cited literature percentage (10%) before the most cited literature by 10%, 10% of international cooperation, high-frequency cited literature number (in front of the respective areas of the most frequently cited 1%) 5% and high-frequency cited literature percentage (in front of the respective areas of the most frequently cited 1%) 5%.