Our school held the third International Cultural Festival


On November 13th, the third International Cultural Festival of our school was held on the campus. The theme of this year’s International Culture Festival is Sharing weal and woe, which is divided into three chapters: “Sharing weal and woe”, “triggering vitality” and “love and responsibility”. The video of “Hello, NJUPT” kicked off the performance. The choreography of the dance strings makes the show both down to earth and exotic. The national flag show and calligraphy performance guided teachers and students to firmly establish a sense of community with a shared future for mankind. Ensemble Musical Instruments, folk songs, rock and roll performances are fascinating and full of energy. The fusion of passionate duo Latin, cool and dynamic modern hip-hop and soft graceful Chinese dance passion collision, dazzling. The splendid performance shows the determination and will of the people of the world to stand together through thick and thick, condenses strength, conveys the responsibility and responsibility for peace, and shows the vitality and passion for the future with flying youth. The performance ended with the Chinese and foreign students singing “We are the World”.

Outside the venue, the 7 featured cultural tents displayed handicrafts, traditional food, dances and costumes from different countries and continents. Students from home and abroad will participate in games and cultural quiz competitions, and taste different kinds of exotic food. Impromptu singing and dancing performances interweave with the laughter and laughter of teachers and students, showing a beautiful picture of the world's people as a family, with diverse cultures blooming together.

Speech by Vice President Zhang Zhihua

Display of national flags

Wonderful performances

Joint performance of featured culture

A group photo