Four disciplines rank within top 5‰ in ESI


According   to the latest data released by the Science Indicators (ESI) on May 9,   2019, the four disciplines of our school (Nanjing University of Posts   and Telecommunications), namely materials science, computer science,  engineering and chemistry all  edge themselves within the top 5‰ in the  ranking of international  disciplines. Among them, material science even  finds its way to the top  4‰. Our school ranks the 1498th in the world,  registering a huge  progress of moving up by 108 positions. As for  universities in the  mainland of China, our school is the 96th.

The   data from ESI show that in disciplines of material science, computer   science, engineering and chemistry, our school ranks respectively the   334th of the 852 institutions which are top 1% in ESI, the 203th of the   448, the 664 among the 1,420, the 585th among the 1212. Globally,  those  four disciplines of our school enter the top 3.920‰, 4.531‰,  4.676‰ and 4.827‰ respectively.