Película Completa Kites – A Must-Watch Movie In 2023

Kite (2014) Pelis24 • Pelicula completa en español latino
Kite (2014) Pelis24 • Pelicula completa en español latino from


Are you a fan of romantic movies that are filled with action and drama? If yes, then you must watch the movie "Película Completa Kites" that was released in 2023. This movie has gained immense popularity among movie lovers due to its unique storyline, brilliant performances, and breathtaking locations.

The Plot

The movie revolves around the love story of two individuals, Natasha and Jay. Natasha belongs to a wealthy family, while Jay is a poor boy who works as a dancer. They fall in love with each other despite their different backgrounds. However, their love story faces several obstacles, including Natasha's father, who is against their relationship. The movie takes an interesting turn when Jay is accused of a murder he did not commit.

The Cast

The cast of the movie includes Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori, who played the lead roles of Jay and Natasha, respectively. Hrithik Roshan's performance as a dancer was highly appreciated by the audience, and Barbara Mori's portrayal of a rich girl was equally impressive. The movie also features Kangana Ranaut, who played the role of Natasha's sister, and Nick Nolte, who played the role of a private detective.

The Locations

One of the highlights of the movie is its breathtaking locations. The movie was shot in several locations, including Las Vegas, Santa Fe, and New Mexico. The beautiful landscapes and stunning visuals make the movie a visual treat for the audience.

The Director and Production

The movie was directed by Anurag Basu, who is known for his unique style of storytelling. The movie was produced by Rakesh Roshan under his banner FilmKraft Productions. The movie was released worldwide in May 2023.

The Music

The movie's music was composed by Rajesh Roshan, and the lyrics were written by Nasir Faraaz. The movie's soundtrack includes songs like "Dil Kyun Yeh Mera," "Zindagi Do Pal Ki," and "Tum Bhi Ho Wahi." The songs were sung by popular singers like K.K, Kay Kay, and Mohit Chauhan.

Box Office Collection

The movie was a huge success at the box office and grossed over 200 crores worldwide. The movie's success can be attributed to its unique storyline, brilliant performances, and stunning visuals.


In conclusion, "Película Completa Kites" is a must-watch movie for all movie lovers. The movie's unique storyline, brilliant performances, stunning visuals, and melodious music make it an unforgettable experience. It is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. So, grab your popcorns and get ready to experience the magic of "Película Completa Kites."

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