Corazones Malheridos Pelicula Completa: A Heartbreaking Movie

Películas románticas que han sido lo más visto en Netflix
Películas románticas que han sido lo más visto en Netflix from

The Plot

Corazones Malheridos is a Mexican drama film that tells the story of two lovers, Maria and Juan, who are torn apart by the violence of drug trafficking in their city. Maria is a young and beautiful woman who falls in love with Juan, a drug dealer who promises to take her away from her troubled life. However, their love is short-lived as Juan is killed by his rivals, leaving Maria alone and heartbroken.

The Cast


María is played by the talented actress Ana de la Reguera. She portrays the character of a young woman who is struggling to find her place in the world. Ana's performance captures the vulnerability and strength of María's character, making the audience feel her pain and heartache.


Juan is played by the handsome actor Gael García Bernal. He brings to life the character of a man who is deeply involved in the drug world but is also capable of love and tenderness. Gael's performance is powerful and moving, making the audience understand Juan's choices and motivations.

The Themes

Corazones Malheridos explores several themes, including love, violence, and hope. The movie depicts the harsh realities of drug trafficking in Mexico and how it affects the lives of ordinary people. It also shows how love can be both a source of joy and pain, and how it can drive people to do things they never thought they would.

The Reviews

Corazones Malheridos has received critical acclaim for its powerful storytelling and excellent performances. Many critics have praised Ana de la Reguera and Gael García Bernal for their outstanding work, and the movie has been compared to other great Mexican films such as Amores Perros and Y Tu Mamá También.

The Impact

Corazones Malheridos has had a significant impact on the Mexican film industry and has helped to shed light on the issue of drug trafficking in the country. The movie has also brought attention to the talents of Ana de la Reguera and Gael García Bernal, who are now considered two of the most important actors in Mexican cinema.

The Conclusion

Corazones Malheridos Pelicula Completa is a must-watch movie for anyone who enjoys powerful storytelling and excellent performances. It explores important themes and sheds light on a critical issue in Mexican society. Ana de la Reguera and Gael García Bernal deliver outstanding performances that will leave you moved and touched. Don't miss the opportunity to watch this heart-wrenching movie.

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