La Vida De Adele Pelicula Completa Online: A Must-See Movie In 2023

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La Vida de Adele is a French movie released in 2013, directed by Abdellatif Kechiche. It is a romantic drama film that follows the story of two women, Adele and Emma, who fall in love and explore their sexuality. The movie was highly acclaimed and won the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. In this article, we will discuss why La Vida de Adele is a must-see movie in 2023 and where you can watch it online.

The Plot

The movie follows Adele, a high school student in France, who starts questioning her sexuality after having a dream about a mysterious blue-haired girl. She starts dating a boy from school, but she is not satisfied with their relationship. One day, she meets Emma, a college student, and they start a romantic relationship. The movie explores their love story, the challenges they face, and their personal growth.

The Characters

The two main characters, Adele and Emma, are portrayed by Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, respectively. Both actresses give amazing performances and bring depth to their characters. Adele is a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world and understand her sexuality. Emma is more confident and experienced, but she also has her own insecurities. The chemistry between the two actresses is undeniable, and they make the audience root for their relationship.

The Direction

Abdellatif Kechiche's direction is one of the strongest aspects of the movie. He manages to capture the intimacy and raw emotions of the characters in a realistic and naturalistic way. The movie has several long takes that immerse the audience in the characters' lives. Kechiche also uses color and music to enhance the movie's atmosphere and emotions.

The Controversy

La Vida de Adele was not without controversy. The movie's explicit sex scenes caused some controversy, and some critics accused the director of objectifying the actresses. Adele Exarchopoulos also spoke out about the difficulties she faced during the shooting of the movie. However, the controversy did not overshadow the movie's critical and commercial success.

Where to Watch

If you want to watch La Vida de Adele online, there are several options. You can rent or buy the movie on Amazon Prime Video or Google Play. It is also available on some streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. However, availability may vary depending on your location.


La Vida de Adele is a beautiful and emotional movie that explores love, sexuality, and personal growth. It is a must-see movie in 2023 for anyone who appreciates powerful and intimate storytelling. The movie's controversial aspects may not be for everyone, but the performances, direction, and story are undeniable. If you haven't seen La Vida de Adele yet, make sure to add it to your watchlist.

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